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we’re back

September 22, 2011

We survived our week-long vacation to Lake Ohrid; here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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Oscar’s sleep was wretched and the trip home a tiny sliver of hell, but the trip itself went well and it’s been good to be home. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, actually, at how well my in-laws have integrated into our life here and how little stress and friction I’ve experienced. It helps that Illyria adooooores them. I might actually miss them when they leave next week!

So, here’s to pleasant surprises!


out of office

September 11, 2011

We’re leaving today for a week-long trip around Lake Ohrid. We’ve rented a car and the bags are almost ready. This is probably the only chance I’ll have to blog until we get back next weekend, so enjoy some pretty pictures in the meantime! (These are from the last time we went):

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short and bittersweet

September 8, 2011

The grandparent visit is actually going pretty well, so far. They are very conscientious. Illyria is so enthralled with them that she has started calling me and Gimli “Grammy” and “Grandpa.”

In other news, that will never really lose its sting, my sister just e-mailed that she is unexpectedly pregnant. I am happy for her, and glad that she’s glad about it, and kind of hoping she’ll have a boy to be Oscar’s playmate. It’s just. You know.


in which status updates replace actual posts

September 6, 2011

potty training + grandparent visit = my nerves are fried, I tell you, fried.

p.s. It’s Day 2 of 25. And we haven’t even embarked on next week’s collective road trip to Macedonia yet.

p.p.s. Remind me to be thankful… because I really truly am, ultimately, I am.

digging has slowed to a near crawl

September 3, 2011

Digging my way out of the electronic hole, that is. My in-laws arrive Monday for a 23-day stay. Not sure how much blogging will happen while they’re here – we’ll be doing some traveling in-country, and then there’s all the hosting-type activity that will go on. I’m sure that if when I hit the point of blog-vent-or-scream I’ll be back here in a jiffy though. Stay well! xo