About Project Progeny

I started this blog in 2006, 11 months into our second year of TTC and two months into graduate school. I guess I had time on my hands! Now I’m the mother of two, with a PhD and no job and a lot of time on my hands again.

The original title of this blog was “The I Word,” alluding to my reluctance to talk publicly about our infertility. Although I appreciate the importance of talking about infertility in order to educate an often-clueless public (and hopefully increase empathy as well as promote sound insurance and other policies) I have mostly stayed “in the closet” just because I’m mostly a fairly private person. I changed the name of the blog and moved from blogger to wordpress after a family member found my original blog.

I love the community I’ve found through blogging about infertility, especially thanks to Mel’s Stirrup Queens blogging hub, which is why this blog is still here even though we’re done adding to our family. I do feel that the experience of infertility (unexplained) made an indelible impact on me.

What else would I want my blog readers to know? I’m 5’7″ and wear glasses; I was a nerd in high school; I’m a missionary kid. I have one sister. I met my husband in Latin American where we both worked for the same community development organization. I have a master’s degree in adult education and a PhD in cultural anthropology. We have been living internationally since Oz was born in 2010.  I am somewhat ambivalent about most forms of Christianity although I am an active member of a church and want to find a way back into a spiritual practice that feels authentic. I love to read, knit, hike, think too much, and indulge in celebrity gossip.

You can contact me at e.phantzi@yahoo.com.

Anything else I should add? Questions? Comments? Let me know! I’ll try to oblige.


4 Responses to “About Project Progeny”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Do you have an email id that you use with the blog….not with your actual name, but some moniker mail id?

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, right!


  3. docgrumbles Says:

    You may have read about this on FB or even done it already, but…

    I am currently conducting a survey of bloggers who post about pregnancy, fertility, adoption, pregnancy loss, and parenting. I would like to extend an invitation for you to complete the brief survey found here:

    Thank you so much!
    Dr. Grumbles

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Yup, did it!

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