digging has slowed to a near crawl

Digging my way out of the electronic hole, that is. My in-laws arrive Monday for a 23-day stay. Not sure how much blogging will happen while they’re here – we’ll be doing some traveling in-country, and then there’s all the hosting-type activity that will go on. I’m sure that if when I hit the point of blog-vent-or-scream I’ll be back here in a jiffy though. Stay well! xo


2 Responses to “digging has slowed to a near crawl”

  1. Anne Says:

    Holy Crap! 23 days? I can’t even imagine. I’m crawling up the walls after a week when my parents visit. Dude. My heart is with you. Stay strong and drink a lot of wine!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    yeah… and I miscounted! It’s actually 25 days!!!

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