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April 23

April 23, 2014

I just realized today is my old high school boyfriend’s birthday, and William Shakespeare’s birthday, and the birthday of a guy I collaborated with briefly as freshman writing instructors at CU some years ago – he took his own life right after Illyria was born. I didn’t know him for very long but he used to drive me to OB/GYN appointments when DH was out of town and I felt sad today when I saw his birthday notification pop up on Facebook.

I’ve been feeling unwell, light-headed and dizzy, and I attribute it to lack of good sleep although admittedly my blood pressure has been higher than it should be as well. So I’m going to take a good long break from my Kindle… sigh…

It’s been a light month at work so I’ve been making good progress on my dissertation the past couple of weeks. 

How are you?

Is it the stars?

April 8, 2014

Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Nothing seems to be going right this week. We are in the uncomfortable position of having to fire one of our young workers for a number of reasons, and as we go through the process more and more things come to light that just make the situation worse and worse. Just so very messy. My bestie in the States is having a rough time. I have a painfully sore throat and this morning woke up with pinkeye – just as Oz is getting over it (for the second time). At least I have all the drops and ointment I need stocked in the house. When DH came back from the middle east this last time, he brought me a set of evil eye bracelets and a necklace. I’m wearing them today. Sometimes I wish I was actually superstitious, it would be comforting to believe I had some control and these trinkets actually “worked.” 

On the bright side, the children have been adorable lately – helpful, kind to each other, creative, and happy.

It’s the Chinese year of the Horse, and my daughter is a Rat, who supposedly have a rough time in Horse years. But my son is a Tiger, and Tigers supposedly protect Rats. Snakes and Cows (DH and I) are supposed to be having a good year. We’re hoping to transfer Illyria to a new school after Easter. I’m still terrified that they are going to reject her/us at the last minute. So, fingers crossed.