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Another PhD unleashed on the world

January 24, 2015

It feels so incredibly good to be done and I am so glad I never ever have to do that again. It was nerve-wracking, but my committee¬†were very kind, asked hard questions but were generous with accepting my answers. I have to admit I cried a little bit later in the afternoon when it all hit me… nine years.

After beers, I went with some friends to the Cornell-Harvard hockey game and Cornell won in the last 40 seconds of the game – it was the perfect way to cap off the day.

I am just so glad I never, ever have to do that again.


D Day

January 23, 2015

Well folks, this is it. I’m trying to think of it as an important professional meeting at which I present a project I’ve been working on (for 9 years) and answer questions about it. I’m wearing a linen skirt I found in the basement because the pants I brought to wear won’t zip up. I bought a nice pen for the “results of examination” form to be filled out at the end. I have hockey tickets for tonight, and my grad school bestie is meeting me here at the library in a few minutes. My plan for the afternoon is to knock back beers at the place we used to go after class. I have a sock to knit.

And my dissertation goddess:

dissertation goddess