short and bittersweet

The grandparent visit is actually going pretty well, so far. They are very conscientious. Illyria is so enthralled with them that she has started calling me and Gimli “Grammy” and “Grandpa.”

In other news, that will never really lose its sting, my sister just e-mailed that she is unexpectedly pregnant. I am happy for her, and glad that she’s glad about it, and kind of hoping she’ll have a boy to be Oscar’s playmate. It’s just. You know.



5 Responses to “short and bittersweet”

  1. sharah Says:

    Yeah, I know. Wishing you a big hug over there.

  2. Tara Says:

    how’s little one doing with the grandparents? Z seems to relearn who they are each time and wondered if you still had the fear thing with him. Glad the visit is going so well. Again- hugs.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      He’s doing well! He seems to be naturally more gregarious than his big sister. A little shy, and definitely prefers me over anybody else, but good. His sleep has gone to hell though due to teething 😦

  3. frankiesoup Says:

    Leaving a comment after stumbling on the ‘Ungaming’ post on Stirrup Queens.

    It’s nice to read a new blog 🙂 I will check back often!

    Hope the potty training is going well!

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