April 23

I just realized today is my old high school boyfriend’s birthday, and William Shakespeare’s birthday, and the birthday of a guy I collaborated with briefly as freshman writing instructors at CU some years ago – he took his own life right after Illyria was born. I didn’t know him for very long but he used to drive me to OB/GYN appointments when DH was out of town and I felt sad today when I saw his birthday notification pop up on Facebook.

I’ve been feeling unwell, light-headed and dizzy, and I attribute it to lack of good sleep although admittedly my blood pressure has been higher than it should be as well. So I’m going to take a good long break from my Kindle… sigh…

It’s been a light month at work so I’ve been making good progress on my dissertation the past couple of weeks. 

How are you?


4 Responses to “April 23”

  1. Wordgirl Says:

    I have just been thinking about that too. People I’ve known and loved Who have died. So many really — pivotal people, great loves, even though some of them I only knew for short time. Striking really and you can’t help but think about the nature of time and how we can never know what we mean to another. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Lack of sleep always gets me. I’m glad you’re taking a little break to take care of yourself.

    Good progress on the dissertation… That’s fantastic! I’ve been thinking about you and the school question how difficult it is when we worry for our children’s everything. At least I do. How she’s going to be perceived socially how happy she is etc. Zoe is a bit quirky, not a child necessarily that is “the cool kid”. She is a complete open book and very eager to connect though sometimes kids just are turned off by that.

    Hard to imagine or allow the universe to offer up the heartbreak.

    I haven’t been writing anything really… In January I started a total commitment my health and have lost about 14 pounds which I definitely needed to do. I spent all of the years of my friends illness basically dealing with my grief by eating.

    We are recovering from a terrible upper respiratory virus and looking forward to spring finally arriving. Oh, and we got chickens! Maybe the craziest thing we’ve ever done.

    Nice to hear from you



  2. Esperanza Says:

    That is some really heavy stuff. I know the birthdays of the people I have lost always hit me hard. They are not gentle, but rather jarring reminders of how fragile life is.

    Yay for doing good work on your dissertation. YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Yay for progress, that’s great news.

    I’m sorry for the sober day yesterday.

  4. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how people figure in our memories even when they are physically no longer with us?

    I am glad for the progress you made. I am sad for your friend who committed suicide. Please take care of yourself.

    I am good. Check my blog.

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