So I finally hit on a new blog name that I like – “Movable Type” (see above). This is my third iteration; the original blog, titled “the I Word,” was on Blogspot, and the name gestured towards my inability (or unwillingness) to talk publicly about my in/subfertility. But family members found it, so I moved to WordPress and changed the name to Project Progeny (gesturing towards my fondness at the time of Project Runway).

Movable Type is about writing and publishing, but it’s also who I am – I am a movable type of person. I see myself as a global nomad; I was raised interculturally and come from generations of migration and intercultural marriage. I’m an anthropologist studying migration; I’m an expat; with my even more nomadic husband we’re raising our kids interculturally as well.

I feel a lot of different ways about this.

So the url here won’t change; Project Progeny and The I Word are all here in the archives. I haven’t updated my blog links in the sidebar in literally years but I’m looking to get back in the game.


2 Responses to “Rewriting”

  1. noemi Says:

    It’s exciting to have you back! I like the name, and I know how hard it is to come up with a new one (at least I found it hard). I thought about you when we went to Colombia, but of course I never reached out like I wanted because I don’t do most of the things I intend to do these days. It’s frustrating. I look forward to reading what your write here. Welcome back.

  2. KeAnne Says:

    Congrats!!!! I love the new name. I hope to return too. Maybe a new name is in for me as well. Welcome back!

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