The Week

I guess once a week blogging turned into once a month…

It’s been quite a week. We started out with our team retreat, which went really well – one of our best ones ever, I thought. There was just a really good vibe in the group, an alchemical mystery I don’t know how to replicate for the future.

Then the earthquake in Ecuador. Gimli has been working overtime to work out our role there – we have three staff in Quito, and connections to churches in the affected area.

I’ve also been talking with my boss and another team member about some long-term lingering issues, interpersonal kinds of things, that have been hard for the duration of our time here. That’s pretty scary.

And there’s a bit of a tempest in a teapot over church politics that won’t make sense outside of our denominational network.

And my in-laws are selling their house (in the US) this summer and would like us to buy it.


One Response to “The Week”

  1. Elsie S Says:

    They want to sell the house, but do you guys want to buy that house?

    I hope the interpersonal issues sort out and I am glad Gimli is safe.

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