Everything is temporary, anyway

I’m kind of feeling like I’m on the edge of depression. I have so little motivation to do anything at all. I had thought that once I finished the dissertation (oh sweet freedom!) I’d plunge into my work with all this energy… when in fact I’m still struggling to finish revisions and am wondering if we’ll be able to stick this posting out another two years.

I have a clear deadline though (for revisions that is), and I’ve signed up for graduation and ordered my cap and gown. I hope it will be fun, I’m kind of dreading it.


4 Responses to “Everything is temporary, anyway”

  1. Noemi James Says:

    Hey you. I feel like I have been reading and not really commenting and that is not okay. I think about you a lot. I’ve been thinking about your most recent post about I’s issues with school. That stuff is so hard and I’m never quite sure what to say. I struggle so much with making those decisions myself, I have zero words of wisdom for someone else who is struggling with them. There are just so many issues at play, and absolutely no easy answers.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling blue. I was circling around some low shit for a while and I just feel like I’m coming out of it now, but who knows. With me it can change in a week. I hope graduation is fun, or at least feels awesome because YOU. WILL. BE. DONE!!!!! I’m so proud of you for getting that beast completed. You worked SO HARD and stuck it out and you finished and now you are graduating and that is an incredible f***ing accomplishment. I hope just sitting there, in your cap and gown, realizing that, feels awesome.

  2. Angela Says:

    Here is my 2 cents worth. You thought things would be easier when you accomplished your goal. Telling yourself that was probably what helped you push yourself through it. But you are going through a change in routine. All changes are hard, especially when you don’t expect it to be. Give yourself time to adjust.

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