Microblog Mondays: Rabbit Hole

This afternoon I submerged myself in the detritus of the last fifteen or so years, opening boxes laced with spider webs and insulation dust that held file folders and mementos from so many different phases of my life, it was dizzying. I was looking for my social security card, which I need to get a new driver’s license, which I need to drive in the US. But today, I walked everywhere – from my in-laws’ home where I’m staying a few nights, to campus to see BFF #1, to my old house where I let myself in the back door tripping over the renters’ boots and bicycles by the door. Down the narrow stairs into the dusty dark. Drawers filled with plastic tubs of old coins in various currencies; candle ends, a ceramic dish bought in South Africa in 2003. File folders from my first foray through graduate school, course work dated 1999. Reused Pampers boxes labeled “Oz baby clothes,” which I left taped shut. The palpable physicality of these things is what gets to me. Air travel makes distance and space so unreal to me. But touching the old leather and fabric of a hand-stitched wallet from Bolivia hurtles me through time in a way that is more physical and feels more real somehow than the flight from Bogota to DC. I don’t feel like I’m explaining it very well. I opened a manila envelope marked “Ob/Gyn” and found the wrist bands from the hospital stay for Illyria’s birth. I stuck my nose into the envelope and inhaled a scent so fresh and sweet, I couldn’t believe it, in the middle of all that dusk and dank.

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2 Responses to “Microblog Mondays: Rabbit Hole”

  1. Mel Says:

    Oh no, I get this. I did this recently, though it was all just paper. But holding the tangible transports you back years. It feels like someone else’s life sometimes.

  2. happygoluckytireegal Says:

    I’m thinking a lot about how objects link you to a person or place recently. Some because my wife holds onto stuff from her past but I’ve come to understand why more since both my parents are dead, now both if hers are, plus a beloved aunt recently. Also because I realized I have nothing much tangible or significant of my mother or my father with me here and was wondering if I could get one of my moms very few rings sized to my much fatter finger. And my other “home” in the UK is long gone and everything left from it is in my brothers house.
    I guess you know you can send off for a new SS card – but it takes a few weeks. I think a print out from the local office might suffice. How long are you “back home” and who lives there in that house with all those dusty boxes?
    Beautiful post!

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