I am hugging a soft and cuddly bag of yarn and knitted things… found on the chair of my writing desk…


4 Responses to “FOUND!!!”

  1. Mel Says:

    YAY! My wish came true 🙂

    • Elizabeth Says:

      It really does feel magical… I totally looked in all those desk drawers and I could swear the bag was NOT on the chair at that time. So my paranoid side, given that it’s not a completely secure office space and I put out an e-mail plea to all our team and staff about it, that someone had taken it and then felt bad and secretly put it back? But I hate thinking like that… I’m just glad to have it back.

  2. Wordgirl Says:

    Hooray! I held out hope!


  3. Noemi Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you found them. I am always losing things and sometimes it feels like I’m perpetually searching for stuff. There is nothing better than finding something you’ve been looking for. So happy you got your knitting back!

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