microblog monday: moving goalposts

Everything seems up in the air these days. My defense date (committee is re-negotiating for a January defense); our kids’ visas (denied a second time, but this morning we were able to get an extension on their safe-conduct); a few scattered personnel issues; the health of a distant friend. I didn’t sleep much last night.

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5 Responses to “microblog monday: moving goalposts”

  1. Mel Says:

    I hope you get sound answers soon. And a better night’s sleep.

  2. Elsie S Says:

    Moving goalposts are not good when you would like to be focussed.

    Hope things crystallize soon, and why were the visas denied?

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Hi Elsie, the first time around, we were told that their birth certificates had to be notarized by the US State Department (both kids were born in the US, we live in Colombia, and my husband’s and my visas were given the same day we applied), translated into Spanish, and then the translation notarized as well. We did all that and then when we went back, we were told the notarization wasn’t done correctly? But they weren’t able to tell us what the correct way was… so we are going to meet with the US Embassy here but probably will end up re-applying for the kids from the States when we go back for Christmas. So DH and I have temporary residence visas for 2 years, but the kids are here on a safe-conduct.

  3. middlegirl54 Says:

    I can relate. I hope things settle sooner rather than too much later.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Sounds stressful, hopefully things are calming down a bit.

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