The Mind-Body Problem

I’ve been listening to Albanian turbo-folk music on Youtube and then stumbled upon Cornell Bhangra, and as my foot tapped under my desk realized that my mind and body seem seldom to be in the same place at the same time. We spent a very long morning with both kids in tow sitting in hard plastic chairs and standing in lines, Illyria said “this looks like an airport,” except the point was not to go anywhere, it was to stay here. Visa renewal time.

Whoops, I forgot to include this in the original posting:

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2 Responses to “The Mind-Body Problem”

  1. noemi Says:

    So much of those two opposites entail, going somewhere that others have determined you don’t belong and staying in a place where others have determined that you don’t belong, is the same.

    I hope all went well.

  2. Mel Says:

    OH! You just said it perfectly. That is it — my monkey mind starts going when my body is still. My body is moving and my mind won’t cooperate. They rarely line up too.

    Hope the visa renewal was easy.

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