Focus, Balance

Yesterday I was trying to figure out whether to skip a local board meeting to stay at the office and write, or not. I’ve skipped the last 2 meetings (when I was sick, and when the kids were sick), so I felt bad… so I did an online Tarot reading (Joanna Powell Colbert, she’s awesome) and my middle card, the “Challenge” card, was this one: (Do click to see the picture)

And the text next to it says this:   stay focused on your path

“The paddler sets out on his quest, unencumbered by baggage or even excess clothing. He is focused on his goal, intent, looking neither to the left nor right. The phrase “paddle your own canoe” indicates self-determination and self-reliance. He brings his strength, will and courage to the task at hand….” 

 So that was awesome! And I went to the meeting, which seems contrary to this reading, but it felt like the right thing to do. Then came back and worked.

There’s so much balance going on here. Balancing my tippy canoe.

I’m reading a book my advisor loaned me, re-reading articles that I have been citing but haven’t looked at in at least six years, and finding that I completely mis-remembered their central points. This is all going to make the final product so much better. It feels worth it.


3 Responses to “Focus, Balance”

  1. noemi Says:

    How did I miss this post? Something weird is going on with my reader. Anyway, thanks for the online tarot card resource. I think I’ll check it out! And I’m glad you felt good about the choice you made. I hate not knowing if I should do something. It’s so stressful, especially when I’m struggling with balance myself.

  2. Tara Says:

    I am so awful when it comes to making decisions. I agonize over everything. I love that you used tarot to help guide you, I will be visiting that website in the future.

  3. Carri Says:

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