So I’m sitting at my desk crying over photos of Tirana, of all things, when I realized – yep, got my period today. 


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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Don’t know what’s gotten into me today. All I can think about is Albania, listen to Albanian music, just feel this acute longing. There were things about living there that were really hard. But somehow we fell in love with the place and the people and miss them so much. It’s so far away, feels so unreachable, inaccessible. I think part of it is inextricably linked to the phase of life we were there for – Oz’s babyhood, Illyria’s toddlerhood. Such an intensely difficult and precious time, that is gone forever now. Gimli teases me about having another child. I believe it would almost literally kill me – the pre-eclampsia risk is just too high at my age now. Knowing I will never be pregnant again is a relief after 2 c-sections. So maybe a little bit of me is grieving that stage of their lives. And it’s inextricably tied to living in Tirana for me.

  2. Rachel Says:


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