Sophomore slump?

Ok, so I have no idea what happened with that last post… I had written something about the juxtaposition of all my angst about school for Illyria with a visit to a preschool project my organization funds in a slum outside the city. Perspective. 

It’s been a really tough month and a half; a bright spot in the midst of it has been Illyria’s joy at her new school. She LOVES it, races to get dressed every morning, carries her little backpack with pride. 

Run-off elections for president are happening on Sunday, and I keep hearing ominous pronouncements from Colombian friends here… things like “if the incumbent wins, we’ll have a country full of holes [from industrial mining and FTAs], but if the challenger wins we’ll have a country full of holes full of cadavers.” Or, another said, “if the challenger wins, we’ll be gaining a lot of new martyrs.” The challenger has been filmed mocking the peace talks that the current government initiated with the 50-year-old leftist guerrilla group in the country; a move that appears to have brought the country substantially closer to ending the political violence that has generated the displacement of close to 5 million people and I don’t know how many deaths. Frying pan or fire? The choice will be made Sunday.

I am so behind on so many things. Illyria and Oz continue to be such bright spots – when he laughs, it’s the best thing in the world. 


One Response to “Sophomore slump?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I am so glad she likes her school. That must be a huge relief.

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