little earthquakes

So apparently yesterday at school, one of the teachers who is also the principal forced my daughter to eat her lunch, and Illyria threw up on the table. 

I talked with the administrator this morning but wasn’t able to get through to the principal during calling hours (10-11 a.m.). I think I don’t want to keep Illyria there past March. We are traveling so much this month that the kids actually only have 4 days left this month when they’ll be in school, and I think I want to transfer her to the new school as soon as we can after getting back from 10 days in Bolivia. I don’t think it will be hard. And I think we’re going with the smaller neighborhood school for now.

I’m so tired. I was talking with a coworker about the situation this morning and during the conversation she said something about sleep training that just set me off and I’ve been a wreck all day, feeling like such a complete failure as a mother. The sleep thing has been such a bitch. I feel like, if I wasn’t able to figure out something that simple, how can I pretend to think I know anything about anything when it comes to parenting? Of course I’ve failed to teach my daughter good eating habits. Of course. 

We’ve also been insanely busy at work so I’ve done nothing on my dissertation for over a week. 

I know there are things that I should and can and do feel good about, today’s just been one of those days. 


One Response to “little earthquakes”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The principal forced her to eat! That’s terrible. Why do people get so caught up in what kids (don’t) eat? I’ve treated mealtime the same with all my kids: one is an excellent eater, one is a terrible eater, and one is a so-so eater. I don’t think there’s a magic trick, I think how/what they eat is somewhat inborn.

    I’m glad you have come to a decision about school, I bet it’s a weight off your shoulders.

    I’m sorry you are still struggling with the sleep issues.

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