For some reason I’m just not feeling it this week; nothing big or earth-shaking going on, just having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Just a case of the Mondays, I presume…

Saturday was a lovely fun day with the family – we all took naps, cleaned the house, played at the park, made a fire in the fireplace, watched a family movie. Gimli has rearranged all the furniture and while the process also makes me very anxious, the end result (as usual) was really nice. We have a little nook in the big bedroom now with a couch, lamp, end table, and beautiful rug he brought from Afghanistan.

So it was a nice weekend.  Image


4 Responses to “Morning”

  1. Esperanza Says:

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend. I’m sorry you’re suffering from a case of the Mondays though. Those suck.

  2. St. Elsewhere Says:

    That’s a nice weekend!

    DH usually initiates changes around the house, and I mostly say No to everything he wants to do. Outcomes are mostly nice tho’.

    That carpet/rug is beautiful.

  3. jjiraffe Says:

    Love love love that rug!! So much! I’ve never seen a pattern like that, it’s very minimalist and subtle. Where did he buy it in Afghanistan? Not that I’m planning to go there anytime soon…but I’m curious.

  4. Jody Says:

    That is such a beautiful rug! I’m glad you are busy turning your place into a home. I hope your week improved and that you are enjoying another wonderful weekend!

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