I have been absent so much recently. I failed to transfer my Google Reader feed to another service in time and now I’m struggling to reassemble my reader from scratch (trying Feedly because I like the visual presentation). I’ve had blog posts circling in my head but feel stuck when I sit down to write.

The biggest thing on my mind right now is that we have accepted the first out gay service worker in our organization here (at least in this country program, I don’t actually know of any others anywhere else in the system) and it’s seriously rocking the boat for some of the other staff…  so, lots of difficult conversations happening at the moment. I’m just going to re-write my job description as “never a dull moment.” Visa issues seem like a walk in the park in comparison (even though 2 of our expat workers are under threat of deportation because they stepped on some powerful toes doing advocacy work…) I’ve also been reading some heavy stuff – a 500-page dissertation, basically – on sexual abuse within our denomination, which has sensitized me to micro-interactions that seem superficially harmless but then you think about power trips and silencing and it starts to seem so sinister. Even the way humor can be used in that way. So, just feeling heavy-hearted at the moment.

On a lighter note, the kids have transitioned beautifully back to life in Bogotá, apart from the jet lag it’s been incredibly smooth and I am so thankful for that. I’m so happy to be back on my salt-free way of eating, sharing more equally with my husband at work and at home (basically… he is doing ALL the cooking and food prep… it’s awesome!) Yesterday when we came home the babysitter had strung a piece of yarn from one couch to the next and the kids were busy twisting pipe cleaners around it, creating a bouncy, colorful fringe – they were sooooo excited to show us their creation and it was so pretty and simple. Then Gimli made black bean ginger curry for supper and Oz fell asleep at 7. Illyria was thrilled: “Now I have you all to myself!” It was a lovely evening.


8 Responses to “Thoughts”

  1. jjiraffe Says:

    That sounds like a lovely evening!

    I hear you about feeling heavy-hearted though. Sigh.

  2. happygoluckytireegal Says:

    If you’ve lost my blog it’s on blogger
    The WordPress one is not up to date. I went with “the old reader” because for some reason my computer didnt like feedly.
    Glad you are enjoying life back in Bogota! Having your husband cool – that’s a very good idea. Do your kids eat what he cooks for you or do they only eat picky kid type food? I would love it if Isobel would eat black bean stew!!! She eats too many empty carbs.
    Sorry stuff with the church and your job is so heavy. I guess it’s a sign of hope that they hired someone openly gay but shows just how much ingrained prejudice ppl have too.
    Yes the sexual harassment stuff is hard too and makes you hyper aware.
    I hope you find some more lightness:)

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Thanks so much! Well, the kids are in a picky stage that we have indulged because of all the transitions… but Illyria is beginning to be open to trying new things. She will eat broccoli, carrot sticks, and a variety of fruits. Our babysitter has a grand plan for creating a play kitchen in our home and using real food to entice them to try new things.

      Thanks for the blogspot link, love getting your updates!

  3. St. Elsewhere Says:

    I am glad the children have transitioned back to their lives in Bogota.

    Oh wow on that huge step that has happened. But I was left wondering why accepting a ‘gay’ worker would be such an issue. I thought you guys were more open to it. And that it was easier to come out in the Western world and be accepted.

    I missed your ask for a password post. Then I completely missed the protected post, which you later deleted.

    I hope you know my blog address. Try Feedly.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      I can e-mail you a summary of that whole story.

      Well, the denomination we belong to is very divided on the issue of homosexuality. So churches and para-church organizations struggle to stay united institutionally in the face of very different opinions. Our organization has taken a middle road approach that allows for hiring LGBT people who commit to celibacy while with the institution (unmarried straight people are also supposed to be celibate). This position is not satisfactory to anyone who feels strongly on either pole of the issue, but it’s a compromise until the denomination can come to a consensus. Which could be never. But who knows. For me personally it is a social justice issue… but as a representative of the organization, I have to uphold the policy as it is written.

      • St. Elsewhere Says:

        tricky situation, there. But like you said, if the new joinee remained celibate, it should be okay, right? I hope that the fellow is aware of that.

  4. Rachel Says:

    I’m so glad your children adjusted well to the travel, I was thinking about them.

    That’s a tough situation to be in work-wise. My family situation has opened my eyes a lot. I learned a lot watching my grandfather, a traditional, southern baptist preacher this summer. He opened his home to and included my sister’s partner in our family genealogy stuff he handed out to everyone. If you had asked me 6 months ago if that would ever happen, I’d have told you no.

    When Google reader went away, I lost a lot of my feeds and I didn’t even use it. I’m not sure what happened exactly.

  5. happygoluckytireegal Says:

    Hi again, reading your comments I realized I missed the PP post because life was crazy and I could not get it together to follow the instructions on my phone. Not wanting to seem ghoulish but as a big fan of yours it would be good to know what was going on if you could let me know – only if you feel comfortable of course.
    I’m totally racking my brains for what denomination you must belong to. I know of several that had similar stances and lots of agony in the discussion. The subject ( not so much the denomination – just curious) is interesting to me because my partner is about to search for a ministry position, having graduated with an MDiv last year and having almost completed her pre ordination paper work. She chose the UCC because it was the only mainline Christian church that would ordain an openly gay, “practicing” lesbian with a partner. That doesn’t mean that all the churches will be welcoming we know, but the denomination is at least. We will see how it goes!

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