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I don’t want to get so focused on myself and my own “issues” that I lose sight of why we are here. At the same time, I understand that self-care has to be a priority, and the more quickly and effectively I can deal with my issues, the more effective a worker and advocate I’ll be. There are constant visual reminders around the city of why we are here, including this huge three-part mural just half a block from our office. I pass by it every day.

There are also the people themselves; the men sleeping on the street, the youth getting shaken down by police just in front of the murals, the many street people wandering through our neighborhood – so many of them internally displaced people. Every project we support here has to do with peace-building, even if sometimes it’s somewhat indirect. We’re very small players on a huge stage but I’m certainly not at a loss for a sense of meaning and purpose at work.


2 Responses to “Memoria”

  1. Jody @ Mud Hut Mama Says:

    Those murals are really incredible – thank you for sharing these images.

  2. Rachel Says:

    This puts my life in perspective. There is a term that M & I love, “1st world problems.” I find myself frequently in situations were problems are not real problems. You are working to solve real problems.

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