In no particular order

  • Today was my first day since November for dissertation work. I slept 4.5 hours and checked e-mail.
  • Tomorrow is my second. Hopefully I will actually look at something dissertation-related.
  • My in-laws are here, hence child-care during the holidays!
  • We are all snuffly, coughing, walking phlegm-spewers. 
  • My children seem to grow more delightful and intractable in equal measure every day.
  • It rained and hailed, apparently, while I was sleeping.
  • How is it possible my tomboy daughter has developed a My LIttle Pony obsession, and now calls herself Pinky Pie?????

2 Responses to “In no particular order”

  1. Esperanza Says:

    Oh, my daughter is deep in the My Little Pony game. Her favorite is Rainbow Dash.

  2. KeAnne Says:

    How goes the dissertation? Any further progress? I hope the colds are gone.

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