Bogota: What It’s Like (For Me)


In October, I was caught in a downpour during which my camera got wet – and the automatic lens cover won’t open all the way, ever since. Hence the dark shadow in the corner of many of my photos.



Our kitchen, and the two inexplicably side-by-side bathroomsDSC07820

Whimsical cat planterDSC07824

Small town outside BogotaDSC07842


One of my favorite things about our life here: the playground 1/2 block away:

View from our bedroom window – the trees there are on the National University grounds.DSC07891

Christmas candles in our fireplace:DSC07935

Christmas lights seen from a friend’s apartment window:DSC07954

View of the city from Monterrate, an historic church on a mountainside.DSC07979

Detail of the building our office is in:DSC07997

Graffiti on the street our office is on (in the far distance, beyond the banana stalk, it says “Mas Paz” – More Peace.)DSC07998

Where I catch the bus to go home:DSC08000


Oz’s Christmas present (the rugs and cars):

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… or here and here for the ones I did in Tirana.



10 Responses to “Bogota: What It’s Like (For Me)”

  1. Pk Bosch Says:

    I love this! It makes me think of my trip there — I do understand how difficult it must be for you though, missing Albania. I truly think that my brother might be a good resource for you … though it sounds like you have connections there — he lived there off and on for a number of years. I’ll ask him maybe for a list of insider tips…;)

    Happy New Year!



    • Elizabeth Says:

      I do have a team/family here… but I also want to make connections outside of it, especially into an intellectual community (since my local “tribe” is all through the churches we work with)… Do feel free to pick his brain for me…

      I love knowing you’ve been here – it makes it feel more connected, somehow

  2. What It’s Like Here « Blood Signs Says:

    […] –brilliant author of Project Progeny – working on her dissertation in cultural anthropology  – settling now in Bogota […]

  3. Rachel Says:


    Oz will play with those cars and mat for years if my son is any indication. Oh and I’m sort of jealous if the side by side bathrooms, that would prevent much yelling at my house.

  4. jjiraffe Says:

    I love this! I don’t know anything about Columbia other than Marquez and “Romancing the Stone” (one of my childhood faves and I don’t even know if it was filmed there) so this is very informative! Columbia looks pretty and green and tropical. Love the cat planter 🙂

  5. Lori Lavender Luz Says:

    As a former ex-pat (not of Colombia) I really dig getting to see what it’s like there.

    Curious: are you able to flush toilet paper? It may sound like an odd question, but that was one of the oddest things for me to get used to in Syria (the septic systems weren’t up to the task). We had to use a bag and take the bag out frequently. Soon, though, it became no big deal.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      No, we can’t! We didn’t in Peru either (where I grew up)… so it doesn’t feel like a big deal to me here. Actually, what felt weird to me was that in Albania, we could!

  6. tara Says:

    i like the photo post- it’s fun to see your new spot.

  7. Mud Hut Mama Says:

    I love the photos and had to laugh at the dark corner. I recently got sand in my camera and I think it won’t be long before my lens cover stops opening all the way – or possibly at all. I love the Christmas present. I almost got something similar for my girls and seeing your photo makes me wish I had!

  8. MasPaz Says:

    Hello, I painted that MASPAZ in October, 2012. I just found your post, thank you!

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