I’m sitting in the lap of luxury right now. I’m cuddled up in a hotel bed with my laptop and a mini-carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, with nothing to do until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. I’m going to write, read blogs, maybe find something to watch on TV while I knit. I haven’t watched TV in… I can’t remember how long. Years, I think. The only thing I’m worried about is falling asleep before I can fully soak up the pleasure of this mini-vacation before my conference starts tomorrow.

Ooh! The Simpsons is on!

So. Colombia. Two weeks in, I don’t even know how to summarize the kaleidoscope of work and family life. It’s a huge, dirty, noisy city with spots of loveliness, like the purple bougainvillea gracing our front gate. We’re in a second-floor apartment that’s still in a state of chaos since we’ve been spending so much time in the office (usually with the kids in tow while they get to know the nanny). We’re still figuring out where to get our shopping done and how to find time to do housework. The kids have been amazingly resilient and accepting of all the vagaries of our new life. It’s really helped that we’ve had two national holidays during the first 10 days to just spend time with them at home settling in. And there’s a sweet little playground just half a block from the house that they love.

I miss not having wireless internet at the apartment, that makes it harder to keep connected with you all. We’ll get it soon, I hope.

Tomorrow I put my academic hat back on. Should be fun πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Oasis”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Enjoy your time away, it sound heavenly!

    I’m so glad the kids are adjusting well, I imagine it has been your biggest concern.

  2. Esperanza Says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about Columbia. Did you come my way already and I missed it?! I don’t want to miss it. Email me (esperanzasays{at}gmai{dot}com) and let me know!

  3. Mud Hut Mama Says:

    You’re there – hurray! I’ve been so looking forward to reading about how you settle in. So glad the kids are adjusting well and can’t wait to read more.

  4. Tarable Says:

    Hope you enjoy(ed) that downtime to the absolute maximum!

  5. jjiraffe Says:

    Sounds incredible πŸ™‚ Looking forward to our meet-up!!

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