So busy. So tired. Happy, though.

We’ve been living in the family room at Millie and Phil’s for a month now, and just now it is finally beginning to be a little bit annoying. Ironically, I noticed a shift when my husband arrived – with him here paying attention to the kids, I was freed up to do more housework, and I keep tripping over my lack of orientation to Millie’s systems. I put the dishes in the dishwasher the wrong way, handled the recycling the wrong way, pulled the blinds the wrong way. I’m in her space and I need to do things her way, and I’m trying. I don’t recover from mistakes very gracefully – too hard on myself, I suppose, and then I get resentful of the standards. On the other hand, Gimli’s a good buffer because he doesn’t take their quirks very seriously and loves to kid them all the time.


Earlier this week I traveled alone to a Prairie city for meetings related to our new position in Colombia. It felt good to be taking a lead role, leaving Gimli home with the kids for two nights, but [insert expletive of your choice here] I had no idea how much milk Oz was getting from me until I was away from him overnight. (Yes, I’m still nursing my 27-month-old.)

So. Much. Pain. I didn’t have a pump, I was trying to hand-express milk in random restrooms, and spent a good hour in my hotel room the second evening lying in the bath trying to ease the pressure and pain. By that time I felt weak, almost feverish, light-headed – and couldn’t tell how much was from the pain (almost a bit of shock, maybe) and how much was from lack of sleep and travel fatigue. Or both combined. In any case, it was AWFUL.

The second day I wore a different bra, and was slightly better. When I got home finally the kids were asleep in the big king-sized bed we’re all sharing. I slid in between them and when Oscar stirred I gladly gave him the breast. It took him maybe 5 minutes to drain one side completely. I can’t even describe the relief.

It took about 3 days for the pain to go away totally, so I think I might have had a plugged duct situation going on on one side.

When I leave them for 5 days in November, you can bet the farm I’m taking a pump.


6 Responses to “Pause”

  1. Mud Hut Mama Says:

    Oh I feel for you! Being a guest, even to wonderful people, can be so stressful – and especially when it’s a longer term arrangement. I’ll bet you were really looking forward to the break from being a guest for those two nights and then you ended up in so much pain – I’m so sorry! How much more time do you have in the States before leaving for Columbia?

  2. KeAnne Says:

    Thinking about staying with friends or family for a month makes me want to hyperventilate! I bet it has been stressful.

  3. jjiraffe Says:

    I’m so happy to hear from you! I’ve been waiting impatiently for an update. Glad all is well, albeit a bit hectic, staying with friends for so long. That sounds tough…

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