Geez, it is August already??? Our nanny is on a 10-day vacation (religious retreat at the beach) so my computer time evaporated. What can I say in the few minutes I have while Oz naps? I’ve been going through a quiet internal revolution in how I view my children and my role as their parent. My SIL’s coaching has been instrumental in this change. So worth signing up for that. Gimli and I have, at long last (I think) come to a place of agreement on the long-term life vision stuff. I can’t believe it’s August. I have a month left in Albania. A month. It feels like we’ve been here a long, long time. My main concern at the moment is supporting my children through the transition back to the US, and then on to Colombia. Helping them say goodbye and grieve leaving the familiarity of this place they call home. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to elaborate on all of this in the coming weeks. Writing it out is immensely helpful – whether I then post it or not (but I usually do). Thanks for sticking around.


2 Responses to “Short”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m glad the coaching is helping. Good luck with the moves!

  2. DandelionBreeze Says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me on LFCA 🙂 You’re very sweet. Thinking of you through your moves… what an adventure. I moved around as a kid and it’s really helped me see diversity and change through different eyes… it was hard but I’m now so glad of this opportunity 🙂 Love always xoxo

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