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This post made me really think hard about why I blog, and what I blog about, and the strangely public nature of blogs. I have two blogs – this one (Project Progeny) and a “family” blog where I use our real names and post photos of my children and tell stories about them on a regular basis. A huge part of my motivation in maintaining the family blog is that we live very far from our extended family – my parents, my husband’s parents, and our little nuclear family unit are each on a different continent. So the grandparents loooooooove seeing pictures and reading stories regularly. I also enjoy occasionally directing a wider circle of friends to this blog through facebook as a way of – to be honest – bragging about our international adventures or celebrating milestone birthdays. I’ve even directed readers of Project Progeny there at times, which undermines the anonymity of this blog, but I don’t really care if you all know who I am in real life – as long as the majority of my social network in real life don’t know that I’m here, too. (But more on that anon.)

Project Progeny, in contrast, started out as an anonymous infertility blog, although I’ve been admittedly careless about the information shared here, and anyone who knows us in real life who stumbled across it would probably figure out pretty quickly that it’s me writing. Which makes me squirm a bit.

So that’s some context.

There are two dimensions to the recent conversation on Stirrup Queens regarding blogging about your children that I’ve been pondering, so I’m going to split my response to that into two separate posts. One is from the angle of social science research involving minors, which I think is relevant in terms of ideas about informed consent, and the other is from a more personal perspective on why I blog at all.

In any case, this is what has been turning over and over in my mind when I wake up in the middle of the night so I figure I need to get it out of my head somehow. If you’ve blogged about this recently yourself, please link in the comments because I’d LOVE to read it. (Sharah, and KeAnne, I’ve already got you linked here) 🙂 And of course the inimitable Esperanza who in many ways got this whole ball rolling in the beginning!


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