Internet Diet

Thanks for the sweet comments. At the moment, I’m thinking more in terms of a social media “diet” than an all-out fast. So you’ll still see me around, just maybe looking a bit abstracted and probably with my nose in a book. But if someone yells for help – I’m here.

On Monday I started testing this “Waste No Time” thingy you can add as an extension to Safari; it lets you block whatever web sites you pick, and you can set yourself a time limit either globally or site-by-site that kicks you off with a “Shouldn’t you be working?” message and an inspirational quote. I like it, but it’s not fool-proof – I can still manage to find ways to waste my time. However, it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve cut waaaaay back on Facebook, Twitter, and a few random celebrity gossip/fashion sites I enjoy. Do I really need to know whether Brad and Angelina have set a date, and how Jennifer feels about it? (Yeeeee – NO.)

As far as blogs go, I’ve eliminated the multiple check-ins per day to just one or two visits to Reader, running through quickly and making mental note of what needs attention the most. Sadly, I’m skipping all the great food-for-though discussions and just going to the critical moments posts – the red flags, if you will. I’m still ready and alert with the life vest for you, should you need it, but probably not ready to jump into an awesome discussion on third wave feminism or sex vs. chocolate. 

So, you may not even notice the difference between this “diet” phase and my regular internet life at all! But I’m hoping to see a big difference at this end here.


One Response to “Internet Diet”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    The diet is a great idea..and that app on Safari..well, nice enough!

    You may still slip off here and there, but you will be aware and that will kick in the guilt and keep you off…score!

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