Minor Annoyances

Next year I want to do a March Madness bracket* of Minor Annoyances. When I can’t sleep for whatever reason I start brainstorming possible entries:

  • stone in your shoe
  • mosquito bite
  • crumbs in the sheets
  • pimple
  • hangnail
  • hair-trigger car alarms
  • fingernails on chalkboard
  • people who make noise when they chew food (I’m looking at YOU, Gimli!)
  • SPAM
  • [your ideas here]
What are your pet peeves?

*For readers outside the US, March Madness is an annual basketball tournament. For fun, some people create competitions that mirror the structure of the basketball tournament (worst dressed celebrity, favorite Muppet, etc.) – this is one of my favorites.


15 Responses to “Minor Annoyances”

  1. tara Says:

    hmm, many of those things don’t bother me. I should have Aaron write some because those all drive him batty.
    Used tissues and wrappers to candy/ medicine left around the house
    Not changing the toilet paper roll when empty
    a fly in the car
    these are the thing that make me nutty.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Fly in the car causes Valerie to FLIP OUT. She’d be totally with you on that one. Funny, cause the litter and empty TP rolls don’t bother me at all! (At least if it’s my house – if it was your house [cough*MIL*cough] I’d lose it, Pinky-swear).

  3. St. Elsewhere Says:

    When there is unnecessary light filtering into the room at night, that bugs me and keeps me awake.

  4. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Oh, watching a lizard languidly making itself cozy on a side wall or a ceiling…I won’t shut my eyes till the lizard goes on and hides itself somewhere…

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Now I am homesick for the lizards I grew up with in Peru! Although finding lizard eggs and eggshells in odd places could be annoying. We kids would watch them catching moths when we were bored in church.

  5. jjiraffe Says:

    Oh, I have so, so many.

    Cars who cut you off only to drive 10 miles below the speed limit, poking along.

    Husbands who sing a certain David Guetta song for TWO YEARS.

    When you order a root beer and they bring you a diet one instead.

    I could go on, but I won’t 😉

  6. JW Moxie Says:

    The husband putting groceries away, but leaving them in the plastic bags. Grrrr.

    People smacking when they eat, like my MIL.

    Parents who swear up and down their children are innocent little angels who have never, EVER been disrespectful a day in their lives so surely I MUST be targeting their kids and WANT them to get in trouble when I say that their precious spawn are insolent and manipulative.


  7. JW Moxie Says:

    Dammit, WordPress with the wonky log-ins!

  8. Rachel Says:

    The doorbell ringing during nap time.

    I have more I’m sure, but that’s all I can think of now.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Me too, totally – I now put a note on the door every day at nap time saying “Please do not ring the doorbell, sleeping baby!” Usually the only people we get at that time of day are 1) the maintenance person for the apartment building to collect their monthly fee (so I try to head it off by paying them early), and 2) beggars.

  9. Meim Says:

    OMG! I love this post!

    How ’bout people that bite their forks when they eat?

    People who say “kinnygarden”/”kindygarten” instead of “kindergarten”

    People who say “Crans” instead of “crayons”

    People with no kids, or kids much younger than yours that think they have better advice about how to raise your children than you do. (sore subject)

    When people smack their gum while talking to you.

    I have a bunch. This could take a while. Maybe a blog post of my own? Hmmmm…

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