What it’s like here

These thumbnails are so tiny, and what I want to convey is so big. And there is so much that can’t be captured on the screen – like the smell of roasting chestnuts on the street corner, or the wailing of the muezzin. I cheated a little bit and used some photos from last winter – oops, a few summer ones snuck in there too –  a few from outside Tirana. Hope you like it.

This is from Wordgirl’s meme – go check it out!


5 Responses to “What it’s like here”

  1. slowmamma Says:

    Wonderful pictures! I love these.

  2. What It’s Like Here « Bloodsigns Says:

    […]  Project Progeny – and soon Deathstar at A Woman My Age — anyone else?  I’ll keep updating! […]

  3. jjiraffe Says:

    I love these photos very much. They really do convey a lot. My favorite one was the photo of the woman looking out the woman with her laundry hanging below. I wonder what she’s thinking…

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the beautiful place where you live.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Thanks so much! I like that photo too – I did feel a little creepy taking it though, sort of voyeuristic or something. I always wonder how National Geographic photographers do their jobs.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Very cool! I like you’re pics – they are a good mix.

    I get the same ‘voyeuristic’ feeling sometimes. But anymore, there are people taking cell phone pics everywhere you turn. I need to not be so sensitive about it!

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