Apropos of Nothing


Deep thoughts.


Here’s something for pure entertainment – the new trailer for The Hobbit! I get chills every time I watch it, hearing the dwarfs sing (I didn’t nickname my husband Gimli for nothing) 😉 Though I might have to change it to Thoren Oakenshield now 🙂


In a similar vein – you know that thing where someone in a committed relationship will pick out a celebrity (or five) who they supposedly could have sex with and their partner/spouse would give them a guiltless “free pass” if this would to occur (supposedly because it would never actually happen in this reality)? When I actually think about it in literal terms – like if it actually COULD happen – I find it totally creepy and gross as an idea. But if it’s just an exercise in rating relative hotness, then it seems ok. But my top three all seem kind of icky to me now, I wonder why? And those would be, in no particular order, Jon Hamm, Robert Downey Jr, and Johnny Depp. Jude Law used to be on the list but since the whole nanny cheating thing he has fallen from grace. And Jake Gyllenhaal, or alternately Joaquin Phoenix, but somehow that spark has died as well. I don’t know why I waste brain and blog space on this ridiculous question.


Since Gimli left for Cyprus on Sunday, after spending 24 hours with us at the close of his time in Armenia, the kids have been exceptionally cranky and clingy. EXCEPTIONALLY. I can’t wait til he gets back.

Which is weird, because I’ve realized it’s a pattern – I am way more tense and stressed interacting with the kids when he’s around than when he’s not. And I can’t figure out WHY. I can sort of partly figure it out – the same reasons we absolutely could not co-teach a college course together – but it’s awkward and inconvenient, because we can easily avoid co-teaching a course, not so easily avoid parenting together. It seems like when we divide the labor in certain ways (like taking turns watching the kids so we can each get some time off by ourselves) things go smoothly, but anytime we try to do something fun all together – even at home! It’s not just when we go out! – I get really tense and he gets frustrated with me. I need to get this sorted out somehow.

I have not bought or made any gifts for anybody whatsoever. I’m thinking of making a full English breakfast for the family on the morning of the 26th and letting that be my gift to them all this year. I dunno – my family has never been much into gifts and I have a hard time getting up the energy to get into it myself. If I plan way ahead and can knit everyone socks, that feels satisfying to both me and to the receivers, but I no longer make time for knitting anymore. Maybe next year.


If you had to find one word to describe 2011, what would it be?


9 Responses to “Apropos of Nothing”

  1. Mel Says:

    Wow… reduce the whole year to one word? How about “impossible.”

    Josh and I made one of those celebrity lists at one point and we were actually joking about it this week because some of the people on my list fall into my “please don’t touch me” category, people who may be attractive, but I imagine their hands to be dirty and would not like them on my person. And Josh was commenting how difficult it will be for me to have sex with the person if they aren’t permitted to touch me and if they’re kicking off some whole hidden compulsive reaction in me to hands I deem dirty.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      The year was impossible, or the task? 🙂 You always pick a theme word for the year ahead, though, don’t you?

      Maybe I need to make that a phrase, not a word. I think my year would boil down to not-quite-as-desperate-anymore housewife.

  2. tara Says:

    Yay for the Hobbit- although elves are my thing- even with the pratchett stories about them.
    I have a super short list: Colin Firth. But the whole thing falls into the famous people don’t seem real to me so I wouldn’t want to meet him- making sex a bit more difficult.
    I think I expect things to be easier when A is home so I’m always annoyed when it isn’t an easier.
    I’m feeling grouchy about the knitted objects this year- in part because I don’t have time and in part because they are somehow seen like obligatory bows. Of course everyone SHOULD get some new socks, a hat, a scarf, maybe more! But don’t count these gifts like it’s worth any money- no they are add-ons. But then I’m feeling grouchy about everything- including the presents- which never seem like they are enough… when I actually want to give & receive LESS. Ok- mini rant over.

  3. Not on Fire Says:

    I think that you and I might share a pattern. In other blog entries you have mentioned that you worry about being a good enough parent. You are by the way. Could it be that you are worried that the person who’s opinion matters most to you (Gimli) will find you wanting as a parent? Your tension might come from trying to be perfect? Your tension causes his tension? Maybe?

  4. jjiraffe Says:

    Sooo excited for The Hobbitt. 🙂

    Oh, the freebie five (or whatever it’s called):
    Brad Pitt (in Benjamin Button)
    Ryan Gosling (as long as he’s stopped playing that weird lute thing around Manhattan)
    The British guy who was pretending to be a Nazi in Inglorious Basterds. Don’t know his name.
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception

    This was FUN 🙂

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