I’ve been writing a lot, just not here. Last week I sat down for a couple hours and wrote 3,000 words on motherhood that I hope to cull from for some contemplative posts. Right now I’m really sleepy; Gimli is gone again, 2 weeks in Armenia followed by 24 hours at home followed by 5 days in Cypress. My in-laws arrive tomorrow; I’m pretty happy about that since Illyria has been broken-hearted about “Owl” (her nickname for Dad) not being here. I think it will help distract her and pass the time until he comes back.

So I’ve been on night duty again, putting Illyria down at 8:30 and then monitoring her until she falls asleep around 10:00. Oz has been waking up 3-4 times at night since he started on his eye teeth, and up for the day around 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. 7.5 hours (interrupted) is not cutting for me – luckily with Dhurata here three days a week I can catch a few naps.

It’s been raining – finally – and I’m getting all nostalgic looking back over the past year as we head into the Christmas season again.

Ugh. Too sleepy to type. Wondering if I can squeeze in a nap yet today.


3 Responses to “Lull”

  1. Lori Lavender Luz Says:

    Oh, every time I come here I am reminded how much I miss the life of an expat. Got to visit Cyprus, but missed out on Armenia.

    I’ll do night duty if you’ll net me come visit 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet comment today, and CONGRATS ON 5 YEARS BLOGGING!

  2. slowmamma Says:

    I hope you can get some rest soon. And I look forward to reading some of those thoughts on motherhood. If all goes well, I will need to look to you supermoms who prove that life with a toddler and a newborn can be done for some survival skills.

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