sleep update

Since we played musical beds, and started using a musical alarm, things are much improved. For several nights Gimli has not had to go in to Oscar at all, not even once, and a few times O has slept until 6 a.m.!

On the other hand, my rude neighbor accosted me in the grocery store AGAIN to complain about Oz’s crying, and again I didn’t understand everything she said, but I think she was saying something about my babysitter… whom I absolutely adore… I have concluded, though, that the child she’s been hearing crying can’t be Oscar, because he simply has not been crying at night. Sometimes he’ll cry when I leave for work, or the inevitable fights with his sister, but good lord that is NORMAL. He cries a normal amount for a young toddler. I think my neighbor is mean, rude, and also confused. There are times I’ve been home and thought I heard Oz crying and when I checked it turned out to be a child somewhere down the street, so it’s not a far reach to suppose my neighbor might be making the same mistake.

I just wish she wouldn’t accost me in the grocery store in front of a bunch of people where I get all tongue-tied and and ashamed.


3 Responses to “sleep update”

  1. Anne Says:

    That sounds like progress! Sometimes it just takes a little tweak and the sleep thing suddenly gets better. My little guy didn’t sleep through the night for 2.5 years so I’m not the one to give you advice.
    As for the neighbor, she is totally rude and I bet everyone who is in the store sees it for what it is, they are likely judging her and not you. Next time just give her “the hand” and walk away. Time to fight rudeness with rudeness. Sometimes a bully needs a little push back before they will stop.

  2. cattiz j Says:

    Not getting enough sleep can be really tough, hope it gets you’ll then have the energy for those date nights with your husband again =)
    Here from Mel’s wishing-pond..

  3. Rachel Says:

    Yeah for progress!

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