My aunt in upstate NY posted a photo to FB yesterday, of my mom standing outside a US Passport office holding up….


She was able to get it the same day she was sworn in as a US citizen, at long last, after 40 years of marriage to my US citizen father, after bearing and raising two US citizen daughters, after 41 years of working for a US-based mission organization and traveling extensively between the US and her native country of Peru.

In the other pictures, of the actual swearing-in and right afterward, it looks like she was crying and beaming in delight at the same time. Now she can finally get a visa to come visit my here, to see her grandchildren after more than a year. And I get to see my mom 🙂


3 Responses to “Amazing”

  1. tara Says:

    sending a virtual celebratory drink – cheers! That’s great news. I tried CIO at nap yesterday because Z isn’t sleeping and he just pooped and skipped the morning nap & slept worse! last night. o well- hope you are having better luck. A friend from church keeps a sleeping bag by their bed for their older child (like 8 or so) for when she’s scared…so I think the arrangement for I is doable. Hugs!

  2. slowmamma Says:

    Wonderful news!

  3. Rachel Says:

    That is exciting!

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