We found Pooh!

He was stuffed into Illyria’s dollhouse. So relieved. I’d told her last night when she asked for him at bedtime that I couldn’t find him anywhere, and that I thought we left him at the playground, and maybe another kid who doesn’t have as many toys as she does found him and took him home.

She seemed ok with it. When I asked her this morning if she misses Pooh she said “No!” And she didn’t seem upset. I was the one who couldn’t keep back a tear last night when I told her – so lame.

But I’m glad we found him. And she was really happy too.


I feel like I’ve sort of jumped into mental crisis mode with Rose’s situation. Like I have to sort out all these loose threads right this minute. Maybe I shouldn’t go to the doom-and-gloom place right now. Think positive. I guess in a larger sense I feel like since Illyria was born I’ve been very self-absorbed and haven’t given as much of myself to my friendships as I did before. Like I left a lot of people dangling. I’m not sure how to change that.


2 Responses to “Found!”

  1. niobe Says:

    Yay for finding Pooh!

  2. Rachel Says:


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