Wow – when my academic mojo gets going, my blogging really slows down. Last week was a good work week. This week I’m going to try working on potty training again so will probably not get any work done.

I’m really excited because we got invited to a wedding! People have been telling us for ages that Albanian weddings are a Big Deal. The hotel we stayed at in Vlora hosted a wedding party one night while we were there. It was very loud, and lasted all night long. Luckily the one we’ve been invited to will take place while my in-laws are here visiting so we have built-in overnight babysitters! We’ll actually be able to put the kids to bed before we go.

I bought a second-hand gown for $15 and now just have to find a slip to wear under it, and a shawl or jacket to wear over it. I have shoes and jewelry. I’ll probably get my hair done. Considering how nicely Albanian women dress just to go out for coffee or to go to work, I expect the bar will be pretty high for a wedding.

I’m also thinking I might try to lose some weight – kind of laughing at myself because I keep hearing this Romy and Michelle dialogue in my head:

Romy: So all we really need are better jobs and boyfriends!

Michelle: Yeah! But wait. If those things were so easy to get, wouldn’t we already have them by now?

Romy: Well we never really tried before. I mean, we never had a real reason, like a reunion, to motivate us. And I hate to say this, but I really think we should lose some weight. [Pointedly removes a Dorito bag and half-eaten Dorito from Michelle’s hands]

Michelle: [under her breath] Ok so it was only like one chip. And it wasn’t even a whole chip.

I love that movie.


2 Responses to “invitation”

  1. Tara Says:

    fun! a dress up date. I always get bored or something before I pull off the whole dress-up idea but in theory it sounds like so much fun.

  2. Lavender Luz Says:

    Oh, how FUN. We once expatriated to Syria and got to attend weddings of the Syrian, Armenian and Kurdish varieties. Each one super fancy, as you say.

    Sounds like you are going to be appropriately dressed to the 9s — enjoy!

    Thanks for the Romy/Michelle laugh.

    (Craving Doritos now).

    ICLW #28

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