Wow, I like REALLY need to update my blog roll. Some of those blogs are defunct (antigone lost takes you to an ad for Cialis – huh?), some have moved to new virtual homes, and I’ve become a regular reader of a number of great blogs that aren’t linked in my blogroll at all.

I wonder when I’ll get around to it?

Good night all, and sweet dreams!


6 Responses to “Community”

  1. Mel Says:

    I was just thinking about that last night with my Reader. There are blogs in there that haven’t updated in years. I should probably remove them. But what if they started posting again?

    If you think your blogroll is a mess, what about mine? 🙂

    • eep6 Says:

      “what if they started posting again?” Exactly! And some do! Nica did (the After Life), with some sad news and a whole new adventure ahead of them now

  2. slowmamma Says:

    I still haven’t gotten to setting up my blogroll at all. Hopefully, I will get to it before any of the blogs I frequent become defunct!

    Oh, and Antigone lost was the first blog I ever started reading. I really loved that blog. I wish she were somewhere reachable so I could thank her for getting me through a very difficult time.

  3. Claire Says:

    I read most blogs from my blogroll, which means I give myself a lot of hits on my visitor counter!
    Looking forward to your revamped blog roll!

    • eep6 Says:

      Yeah, I used to do that too – then I discovered Google Reader – soooo much faster! Actually I used Bloglines first but they were going to shut it down so I switched over, then they didn’t shut it down after all. Oh well.

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