My friend Tara just published an amazing post about different kinds of connections; the connections between our individual actions and environmental effects, the connections between people mediated by the internet, and the connections between these two spheres. Here’s an excerpt, with thought-provoking questions (but you should click over and read her whole post):

As the world shrinks due to our digital connections we live in this odd contradictory space- we can be isolated from those who live in immediate proximity to us, we can be (strongly) connected to people who live far away, we can be loosely connected to many other people.  For example, I met a guy at a party (people from A’s work) who looks just like my cousin who lives & works in DC and when I mentioned it, it turns out a bunch of people that A work with actually know my cousin.  So there are these startling connections everywhere- between people who seem like they shouldn’t know each other, between ideas, between our actions and global consequences.   But they are startling, it isn’t easy to think of things as that connected, because we do feel isolated.  We don’t see people’s faces; we see these static images/ avatars.  We might be more digitally intelligent but we have to develop our emotional intelligence without all of the cues that our biology has equipped us with.   It really is as though, there are two of us : the digital person and what? the Real person? The organic person?  I’m not sure but I think for our community’s health, we need to consider how separate/ integrated these personas are.


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