She’s back

AF, that is. I was really enjoying my freedom from her – after Illyria was born, it took a whole year for her to come back; this time it was 8 months. Last time, I was ready to start trying again – this time, not so much.

I am DONE. I have absolutely no doubt in my heart or mind. I have barely enough energy to meet the needs of these two… and I have zero desire to be pregnant again (possibly in large part because I have no doubt it would mean another high-risk pregnancy with hypertension, pre-e, and bed-rest, ending in c-section. No thanks).

So, what to do now? Condoms? The pill? Celibacy? Actually the third option seems the most feasible, given our state of sleep deprivation. Even when the kids sleep well, Gimli’s been having crazy insomnia and so we’ve both been grumpy and zest-less. But, well, we do love each other… that way… so we should probably have some kind of plan in place. I guess a lot of people go the vasectomy route, but Gimli’s completely wigged out by that idea so I don’t think it’s an option.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m assuming that the resumption of my monthly cycle means fertility, but Oz did happen without medical help, so I’m not going to assume it’s impossible, either. I just feel like I’m too old and tired to have any more children.


4 Responses to “She’s back”

  1. Caro Says:

    I feel the same way and just got a mirena coil fitted. Seems to be a common choice here.

  2. Tara Says:

    Amen sister.

    Except we went vasectomy route – not that it matters because even though it was 4 months or so ago, he still hasn’t gone to have an analysis done.

    Anyways, I relate. I never want to be pregnant again. And it feels good to be done.

  3. Rachel Says:

    My cycles started up again 6 weeks after each of my kids were born, I hate that feeling.

    We don’t feel like we are done having children so we are doing the no protection, sort of rhythm method. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we feel like our family is complete.

  4. AnxiousMummy Says:

    Damn, I was sure I posted a comment on this, maybe it didn’t save? Anyway I think Gimli could change his mind with the right information, perhaps he could have a few consults with the doctor (I’m assuming urologist) and find out how simple the procedure is? I also wanted to stop by and say thankyou so much for that comment you left me! It meant so much to hear from someone who was in the same headspace and had similar experiences. Like you said, I know I will make my peace with it. It’s just that it will be a long journey to get there.
    Take care xxoo

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