• No, I didn’t make that cake – I bought it at the bake shop across the street. Yummy!
  • My mom was supposed to be arriving tonight for a 2-week visit but never left the ground due to visa issues. I am so bummed. I’m not sure when she’s going to be able to come.
  • G. is sleeping better these days
  • I’m brooding over a personal situation – marriage thing – ok, you know Emma Thompson’s character in Love Actually? I feel kind of like her, but I don’t know if there’s anything to it. I keep looking to Gimli for reassurance that we’re solid, and he keeps giving it to me, so I’m resting in that.
  • Gimli also keeps joking about the hypothetical twins we have on the way – nicknamed Zemer and Corazon (“heart” in Albanian and in Spanish) – but to me it’s not really that funny!
  • I’m feeling like a geriatric mom as it is.
  • I need a nap.

2 Responses to “Random”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hang in there. I think we all go through stages in our marriages that are tougher than others. With a husband out of town a lot and young children, I think any small thing is magnified.

    Bummed for you about your mom. I hope the visa situation is worked out quickly.

  2. tara Says:

    o babe, you aren’t a geriatric mom! You’ve got plenty of energy & health- you’re walking the kids everywhere- it’s just got to be difficult to be sort of isolated right now while Gimli has so much more ‘freedom’
    There was a really cool quote on a npr show from mrs dalloway about the evening hours once the kids where asleep & the chance to knit and just be- without an audience, etc. that the speaker described as important for an internal life – it might be nice to listen to- http://onpoint.wbur.org/2011/03/10/life-stages-literature

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