So in the wee hours of sleepless night after sleepless night, I’ve started indulging in a little fantasy – I realized that by the time I turn 40, with any luck, both kids should be sleeping through the night on a regular basis.  (Yeah, I like to keep some of my notions realistic…).  So it started with this germ of an idea – wow, on my 40th birthday, we’ll be home and the kids will be old enough I can leave them both with Grandma all day… I could take a long nap… see a matinee with my husband… read the newspaper from start to finish… take a hot bath…

And then somehow it morphed into this fantasy of my perfect day, if money and reality were no object.  (See, it starts in Belize and ends in New Zealand, so we’re definitely leaving reality out of the equation.)

We’d book a cottage in Placencia, in southern Belize.  Gimli and I spent a weekend there once when he was doing some consulting work in the country.  Pure white sand beaches, cottages up on stilts swathed in bougainvillea, and all night the shushing of the wind and waves.  So I’d wake up with the ocean breeze, to a breakfast of toast, fried eggs (runny yolks), orange juice, coffee, pancakes with real maple syrup, and the Washington Post.

After breakfast we’d head out (“we” meaning Gimli and I) for several hours of snorkeling, languidly paddling through the aquamarine water where we’d see manatees (we did one time, it was one of the top 5 best moments of my life, I think), sea turtles, nurse sharks, manta rays.  And wouldn’t get sunburned at all.

I haven’t filled in lunch yet, but after lunch there would be a nap in a hammock, drifting to sleep with a paperback novel in my hand.

As evening falls, we’d be in New Zealand sitting down to a lovely meal in a restaurant with cloth napkins and a waiter who looks exactly like my cousin Frank (ok, this is actually a memory as much as a fantasy) – venison and a local red wine, and I don’t remember the rest of the meal because that pairing was so perfect – so I’ll fill in a cheese platter, and black olives, and strawberries, and crostini with roasted red pepper, mushrooms, and goat cheese on top.

And then a movie, and then back to Placencia to drift off to sleep to the sound of the waves…

So that’s my plan for my 40th birthday.  Which suddenly I’m really, really looking forward to.


6 Responses to “40”

  1. Claire Says:

    Great plan! Sounds yummy! What a good way to plan the big 40!

  2. Travica Says:

    Sounds beautiful. Hope u have an amazing birthday!!!
    Thx for the comment on my blog.

  3. tara Says:

    i love the sound of that. i have this fantasy of after we sell the old house taking some of the money and going back to the homestead. maybe treating the parents as well so they can watch the kiddo(s) & then feeling like a queen for the weekend again. the ritzy massage, the taking of the waters, the stuffy southern thing, i found it quite fun.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Sounds wonderful to me!

  5. Wordgirl Says:


    New Zealand is one of my ‘must-go’ places — truly.

    I am looking forward to my 40th too — not this summer, but next — I’ve determined to get into a regular running habit by then — and reclaim my inner athlete….and yes –the toddlerhood is so precious but there is something to be said about the growing independence — for both — bittersweet though it is…

    I have a rare moment while she naps and this post had been on my mind…



  6. -K Says:

    Sounds divine. I suddenly can’t wait for 40 wither if its going to look like that.

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