A year ago

A year ago today I thought I got my period and chalked up October as another wash.  It was December 17 before I POAS, and when I went in for my ultrasound 10 days later – thinking I was about 7 weeks – I was shocked to see a 11-week-old fetus on the u/s screen.  That was our Gabriel.

We’re in the midst of sleep training and I had a fever all day but holy cow I am so thankful for this little dude.  He is a blessing and he is blessed.


2 Responses to “A year ago”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Isn’t it funny how things work out at times?

    I hope the sleep training is going well.

  2. eep6 Says:

    Thanks Rachel! MUCH better than last time!!! I think starting earlier helped, as well as his temperament. I think we got into some bad habits when we moved and now we’re trying to undo them.

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