3 weeks

… til we move to Albania…!!!

I’m amazed at how much more energy and stamina I have now than I did while on bedrest.  Even with the debilitating sleep deprivation (Baby G is still waking up 3-4 times every night to nurse – I’m actually starting sleep training now… eek!  Luckily he’s a really chill, easy baby in terms of personality… we’re doing the Baby Whisperer method which doesn’t advocate CIO but otherwise is very similar to the structured, parent-led approach vs. the Sears baby-led approach.  But that’s a whole other topic).  The point I was going to make here is that it tells me how sick I really was in those last 2 months, when I contrast how I feel post-partum to how I felt then.  How half a day of sedentary work would exhaust me.

Anyway someone else wants to use the computer and I need to go to bed, so… ttfn!


One Response to “3 weeks”

  1. docgrumbles Says:

    wow – 2 little ones and big move coming up! That is a lot on your plate! Good luck with everything!

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