Update: How we’re doing

I haven’t been posting much, in part because I just don’t get much computer time these days, and in part because I feel like what I have to say is big and involved and emotionally laden and I just don’t get much computer time these days.

Life is good.  It’s hard, but good.  I can’t believe I have another BABY.  It’s so much work, and so little sleep, and my eating habits have gone all to crap, and I miss my mom like craaaaazy, and we leave for Albania in 29 days* and I still have to finish my field research before we go…

We have sold both our cars and found renters for our house.  YAY.  My SIL is coming in 2 weeks to help us pack up.  DOUBLE YAY.  Someday, someday, I will sleep again.

*Backstory: my husband is taking a 2-year leave from his university position to work with a community development organization there.  I’ll be writing my dissertation and looking after the 2 little ones.


One Response to “Update: How we’re doing”

  1. Laine Says:

    good to see you posting. wow, can’t imagine travel with little ones! best wishes there…keep posting so we can follow you on your adventures. god bless…

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