My NST/Biophysical today was uneventful; found out my proteinuria was 240, which is great;  baby looks good, now measuring approximately 6 lbs. 7 oz.  We talked more about labor/delivery/cesarean, and even though he’s willing to let me labor if it starts spontaneously before the 7th (my scheduled cesarean), chances are low that I would actually be able to deliver that way.  And it’s not just because of the hypertension, either – part of it is the VBAC situation.  I think if it were just one or the other I’d have a better chance, but taken together…

Because of my previous cesarean, he would want an internal fetal monitor at all times, which in my understanding means laboring on my back for the most part.  He also has a solo practice, with a bigger ob/gyn as his back-up.  They’re the ones I used to go to before, who told me in no uncertain terms that repeat c-section was my only option with them (which is why I switched to this other guy).  So if I were to go into labor while my OB was in the office instead of at the hospital, I’d be dealing with the back-up practice anyway and I KNOW they’d push for a cesarean without delay.

Because of the PIH (pregnancy-induced hypertension – I’m not calling it pre-eclampsia anymore), they’re going to be watching my blood pressure and monitoring the baby extra-closely, so even if I was in labor any sign of distress on either part would shunt me right over to the OR anyway.  Which I’m guessing would probably be unavoidable unless some kind of miracle occurs.  He’s not ruling out the possibility completely, and I like that he keeps checking with me every time I see him about how I feel about this whole scenario, but I really think the chances of a vaginal birth here are pretty slim.  Which is fine with me.  My cesarean was not a horrible experience, even though I did and to some extent still am grieving not having a “normal” birth experience, and I know I can deal with it.


3 Responses to “Unlikely”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I hope you are able to labor for your sake. I had to have the internal monitor when I was in labor with LG, I was able to move around some, not walk around of course, but sit up, roll over, etc. The epidural and catheter hampered my ability to move more than anything.

    I have enjoyed hearing about your journey and can’t believe in a couple weeks you will have 2 kids!

  2. Anne Says:

    Good luck! I’m so glad things are going well.

  3. studentrntiffany Says:

    Im so glad that everything is looking good! And I will be thinking labor vibes for you and your little one! I hope that your delivery turns out to be text book and uncomplicated, but either way i will just be praying for the babies safe delivery into your arms!

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