Steady as she goes

I’m unexpectedly home alone; just woke up from a nap to find that my parents have taken V. to the park since she was cranky after her nap.  I often let her watch E.lmo and drink apple juice when she’s in that kind of mood but they didn’t know that.  The park is probably better for her anyway 🙂

Last night I called my OB, concerned about my blood pressure and the increased Braxton-Hicks, and he increased my dose of to 300 mg 2x/day.  Said to monitor for 24 hours and call him again if BP was still high, but go right to L&D if any of a long list of symptoms or events developed.  Thankfully, within an hour of the first increased dose, my BP was back in the safe range – 129/84 – and as long as I stayed lying down my Braxton-Hicks pretty much stopped.  But over dinner last night (at MIL’s) I was getting kind of freaked because they were coming one right on top of each other, I think I counted 7 in an hour.  That was sitting up at the table though.  I had a minor headache when I went to bed but today I’ve been fine, and I feel a lot better too – I felt really crappy yesterday.

I am bummed, I have to admit – I’d been starting to think about scheduling some interviews to try to do before the baby comes – now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea.  But will I be able to do any research at all after the baby is born???  I’m worried about having enough data before we leave the country.

It will all get done somehow.  My mom is doing a lot of the cleaning and organizing that needs to be done in order to pack up the house.  We’ve been sorting through tubs of clothes – she pulls things out, folds them, and stacks them in piles while I direct from my bed, then boxes them up and hauls them to the basement.  She’s helping me think through what we might need to take and what we can leave behind.  She’s an expert traveler/mover/packer, it’s awesome. It really takes a load off my mind and I’m sad she’s going back to Peru in a month…

Anyway, so that was our little crisis, averted.  Thanks for checking in.


3 Responses to “Steady as she goes”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful mother!

    I hope your little guy waits until T is back to make an appearance.

  2. K Says:

    You have great parents! I hope that you can get everything done before your little guy arrives.

  3. anxiousmummy Says:

    Aww sweetie, hang in there. Moving while 30+ weeks pregnant is sooo stressful. Been there, done that. Hope the BH’s back off. I had them a lot too with DD because I excercised every day! So glad you’ve got your mum with you to help you. Take care!

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