PIH = pregnancy-induced hypertension, the condition that led to V’s birth by scheduled cesarean at 37 weeks gestation.

Well, it’s back.

The last two weeks of monitoring showed consistent readings right around (though usually just under) the 140/90 line, and my reading on Monday was 130/100.  Actually, the first reading was 140/116 which kind of scared the nurse.  That was still lower than the reading I got on my little battery-operated monitor which was 160/116.

The GOOD news is that I have NONE of the other symptoms of pre-eclampsia, not really even any edema (swelling).  But I’m doing a 24-hour urine catch anyway – FUN TIMES.  At least I can do it at home this time and not in the hospital like I did last pregnancy.

I am so very glad that my mom is coming to stay with me in 2 weeks, when T. leaves on his next trip (he’ll be gone a whole month this time).  My parents will be here for 2 full months until after the baby comes.  In a weird way I’m thinking it would be nice if the baby came early again this time, even if by cesarean, because then I’d have my mom’s help for longer after the birth.

On the other hand, I’m super-bummed that I went through the trouble to transfer my care to a doctor who does VBACs, when I may not have that opportunity after all if my BP continues to climb or  if I develop other symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

On the other other hand, I think that in general this doctor is less alarmist than the practice I was at before, which I appreciate.  He’s not putting me under any restrictions – just ordered another ultrasound for next week in addition to the urine test.  Said to drink lots of fluids and rest as much as possible.

Thanks to Anona-mom for the suggestions on ways to reduce blood pressure during pregnancy – any other ideas welcome!!!


3 Responses to “PIH”

  1. Rachel Says:

    No advice on lowering your bp, but do take care of yourself. I’m glad your mom will be there to help.

  2. Caro Says:

    Take care, I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. K Says:

    I am so sorry it is back. Please take it easy and I will be thinking of you!

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