afternoon delight

I had no child care for this afternoon, so I spent it with V.  Normally she’d take a nap around 1:30, and I was looking forward to napping with her, but she had fallen asleep briefly in the morning and that turned out to be it for the day.  Fortunately I’d decided after my GD test to call it a day and head home for a nap myself, so I wasn’t as weary as I might have been otherwise.  I’m still pretty weary – that combination jet-lag/hangover feeling where you’re so tired you feel a little ill.  (Not that I’ve ever been jet lagged and hung over at the same time…)

So I spent the afternoon tidying up around the house, and playing in the backyard with V.  It was so good for the soul.  The house is incredibly dirty, but at least it’s neater; my MIL is loaning me her cleaning lady tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to getting the floors and bathroom clean, clean, clean (the lady is conservative M.ennonite and I’m also thinking I’d better move all the vampire novels upstairs before she gets here…).

The really wonderful part of the afternoon was just sitting in the grass in dappled shade watching V. explore the flowers and weeds in the backyard.  It just felt peaceful and good and I didn’t even think about work.


One Response to “afternoon delight”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day. I am so jealous of the cleaning lady. I love a clean house but hate cleaning.

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