28 weeks

28 weeks.  Today I had my GD test, routine check-up, and started monitoring my blood pressure at home.

The GD test was a bust – the lab called and said their machine is busted, adn can I come back in again tomorrow?  So that was a wasted morning… except I got to spend a lot of it reading, which was nice.  I didn’t even try to take work with me.

The check-up was…routine.  Only my BP was 128/80, which is higher than it’s been so far. 

So when I got home at noon, I took it again – 132/92.  BOOOOO.  140/90 is the threshhold for concern.  So this is not good.

I know I’m stressed, and not getting anywhere close to enough sleep.  I may have our sitter stay overnight sometime this week so I can get a real night’s sleep at least once.  At 4:30 a.m. this morning I just started crying – V. had been up for an hour and a half at that point and just would – not – settle – down.  I’d gone to bed at 11, after doing a bunch of catch-up housework after she went to sleep.  Keeping house, spending time with her, and doing my husband’s job for him while he’s out of town… I just can’t keep up.  Right now the housework is the piece I’ve been letting go – but it really bugs me when the sink and countertops are so full of dirty dishes I can’t even prepare a meal.  The floors are disgusting too.  So many friends have offered to help out while T. is away but housework isn’t something I can ask friends to do for me – it just seems wrong – and taking care of V. while I do the housework would be great except then when do I get to see her and play with her? 

Maybe next week I can get some rest and catch up on stuff a little bit.  And then T will be home again.  Although of course he’ll be busy writing the report on his trip…


3 Responses to “28 weeks”

  1. Caro Says:

    Concentrate on you and V. She will only be this age for a short time and the house can wait.

  2. tara Says:

    do you want me to walk over tomorrow & do some dish for you? I have work that I can do whenever so other than my eye appt, I’m free. just give me a BRrrrrING as Willem says.

  3. Rachel Says:

    I agree concentrate on V, but do allow a friend to help you out. Doing chores for someone else is way more enjoyable than doing it for yourself. It’ll be a long 3 weeks if you don’t allow someone to help.

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