Two years ago today, I checked into the hospital with hypertension and other signs of pre-eclampsia.  It was a scary time yet when I look back on it, there’s a sense in which it was a sacred time as well, as we waited for the birth of our daughter.  Three weeks and three days later she came out wriggling and crying with her worried little monkey-face and has been turning our lives upside down ever since.

The other memories evoked at this time are of my friend H., who took his own life last summer.  Tomorrow is his birthday (coincidentally also my ex-boyfriend’s birthday and St. George’s Day) and his friends still at the university are planning a memorial event for next week.  He was part of my support network during my third trimester especially when T. was out of town traveling.  H. came to see me in the hospital and drove me to campus when they let me go teach my class one last time; he took me to my apartment so I could retrieve some clean undies and my teddy bear on the way back to the hospital.  The last time I saw him was there.

I’m missing T. right now again as he’s out of the country for 3 weeks.  It’s just put me in a quiet mood today.


One Response to “contemplative”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Sorry. I hope you have a good week despite the quiet mood and absence of your husband.

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